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Technology and dentistry have gone hand-in-hand since the beginning, and as technology evolves in the modern world, so does our level of care. Thanks to the latest advancements, we can treat you faster, safer, and with less discomfort. We’re continually training and educating ourselves to stay on the cutting-edge of dentistry. You can learn a little bit more about some of the tools we use every day below, and then you can come see them in person by contacting our dental office to schedule your next appointment.

Intraoral Camera

Dentist capturing smile photos with intraoral camera

Wouldn’t it be great if you could actually see what your dentist is talking about? So much of dentistry from the patient’s perspective is abstract because you simply can’t see into your own mouth like they can. With our intraoral camera, that is no longer the case. This small, handheld device will enable our team to not only get a better look at your mouth and gums, but they can also display the images on a chairside monitor so you can learn more about your own oral health and make more informed treatment decisions.

Digital X-Rays

Woman receiving digital x-rays

Traditional film-based X-rays are now a thing of the past thanks to digital X-rays. Conventional X-rays were consistently problematic because they took time to have the images developed, required toxic chemicals, and exposed our patients (and us!) to radiation. With digital X-rays, all of these issues are now solved. They can create images very quickly (which we can even show you on a chairside monitor), they don’t require harsh chemicals to be processed, and they expose our patients to 90% less radiation.

Cavity Detection System

Cavity detection system

We want to ensure that at each of your checkups, no stone goes left unturned, which is why we utilize our cavity detection system to spot even the earliest and smallest signs of decay. It uses fluorescent light technology to highlight cavities that are forming so we can treat them as early as possible, preventing them from causing permanent damage to your smile.

Intraoral Scanning

a dentist performing intraoral scanning on a patient

In order to develop the perfect restoration for our patients, our team will need to take accurate impressions of their smiles so we can fabricate the best appearance and fit. For this reason, we won’t use physical materials like putty but will instead utilize intraoral devices to scan and create a more perfect impression within several minutes. By doing so, we can perform your treatment in a much quicker timeframe while offering lifelike and dependable results.

Custom 3D Printing

an example of custom 3D dental printing

Most people have heard about 3D printing technology that can create numerous kinds of items, and the equipment is only getting more advanced every year. With this device, our team can effectively fabricate the perfect crown, bridge, or denture in a much quicker process. Not only will this significantly shorten the turnaround time for you, but we’ll even be able to print tooth replacements easier and faster whenever necessary, providing swifter and more reliable treatment overall.